Top 13 Camping Chairs

The outdoors seat world can be an extremely inside and out world to attempt and handle. We investigated more than 45 models and bought the main 13 for hands-on testing, to battle those mind-boggling web ventures and shopping missions and help you locate the correct seat. At that point, we tried in the Sierra, putting the last contenders through a progression of thorough tests to gauge their capability. We chose an entire slew of models, going from super compact to mega agreeable to ultra-lightweight, and tried seats chalked loaded with highlights from huge amounts of pockets and two-seaters to seats straight up and basic. Regardless of whether you need a seat for a definitive open air snooze, one to go up against your next exploring experience or something that essentially won't burn up all available resources, we've discovered the seat to suit your requirements.
While the Ultralight wasn't the most comfortable chair we tested  it did have a combination of features we didn't find in the rest of the chairs in this review - lightweight  high back  low cost  and doesn't get swallowed so easily by a beach!

This spring, we refreshed our 2018 outdoors seat audit, presenting to you the most elite as 13 top-level outdoors seats. While leading this audit, we searched out seats that exceed expectations in an assortment of measurements, extending from the most agreeable to the one that can withstand the most maltreatment. Luckily, we tried a few great items that raised our desires for outdoors seats. We needed to discover the seat most versatile and sturdy like our other outdoors hardware, yet we additionally needed it to keep up the solace of a standard seat without being excessively convoluted, making it impossible to utilize. We discovered models that exceeded expectations no matter how you look at it in all measurements, raising our desires for outdoors solace and adaptability. The ALPS King Kong remains our Editors' Choice, and the Kijaro is as yet the Best Bang for the Buck. Our Best Buy on a Tight Budget remains the Moon Lence, despite everything we have two outstanding notices: the Helinox Chair Zero and Kelty Low-Love Seat. We included another Top Pick for a Beach Day Accessory, the Helinox Beach Chair and another remarkable specify, the ENO Lounger DL for carrying us loft like feels without any trees required.

Best Overall for Camping

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

Editors' Choice Award


(24% off)

at Amazon

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Weight: 13 lbs | Features: 2 glass holders, 2 side takes, stockpiling pocket behind headrest



Cushioned seat



Better than average stockpiling



Material holds water

This lofty honor goes to the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong. It is the undisputed most agreeable seat and was dependably the principal model to be possessed around a fire ring. The texture is marginally cushioned which makes the seat perfect for long relaxing sessions. The seat itself is super ample, and the casing is unbelievably steady. The weight limit is 800 lbs (which we tried, obviously) and subsequently, its strengthened texture is extremely strong. Analyzers valued the majority of the useful stockpiling highlights that the King Kong had, including two container holders, two side pockets, and an extra little pocket behind the headrest. Set up of this seat is super basic and takes only seconds - all the better, as we can invest that additional energy unwinding in this tremendously agreeable seat.

Be that as it may, everything that solace and included fortification comes at the cost of a few additional pounds making the King Kong the heaviest single-individual model that we tried, at 13 lbs. It additionally has no headrest, which is not as much as perfect for taking an evening snooze. However, if its all the same to you require a comfortable seat and a touch of mass, we profoundly suggest the King Kong. Outdoors, closely following, angling, and so on - on the off chance that you are somebody who utilizes an outdoors particular seat frequently, we think this model will confront the majority of your needs.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

The Dual Lock Folding Chair from Kijaro Best Buy Award


at Amazon

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Weight: 9.5 lbs | Features: 2 glass holders, side pocket, conveying lash

Extraordinary back help

Worked in conveying tie


Simple to set up

Little glass holders

Conceivably less solid

Now and again the Best Buy goes to an item that performs well thinking about its cost. Different occasions, you discover an item that performs awesome and is reasonable. Meet the really noteworthy Kijaro Dual Lock Chair, which costs just $35! This seat is super agreeable and simple to set up, and its rigid texture gives the best back help of any of the models we tried. Moreover, the back is developed from a solid work material that makes for agreeable, all around ventilated relaxing on bright days. Analyzers additionally cherished the incorporated conveying lash as it made this model considerably more compact than the other customary models.

Despite the fact that we at first scrutinized its strength, we didn't see any wear or tear amid our testing procedure (in spite of the fact that the yellow texture got very messy). This model likewise isn't so light as a portion of the others we tried, yet we valued the additional help that weight gave! What is most imperative to note is that the Kijaro is well-made, remarkably agreeable, and steady. Add to that the way that it is one of the least expensive models we tried, and it was a conspicuous pick for our Best Buy Award.

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Top Pick for Portability

Huge Agnes Helinox Chair One

Enormous Agnes Helinox Chair One Top Pick Award


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at Amazon

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See all costs (3 found)

Weight: 1.94 lbs | Features: Mesh back and situate sides

Great back help

Stable for a compact model


Great ventilation

Packs down little

No neck bolster

Less steady than conventional contenders


Numerous analyzers stressed that a versatile seat would drive them to forfeit their most loved characteristics: solace, steadiness, and extra highlights (container holders, coolers, and so on.). In any case, the Big Agnes Helinox Chair One completed an amazing activity at speaking to the majority of the advantages one can have in a little and lightweight seat - solace, soundness, and solidness. While not the lightest or littlest seat we tried, it weighs under two pounds and packs up in a pocket that is just somewhat bigger than a 2-liter water bottle, and is along these lines still to a great degree convenient - considerably more so than the customary outdoors particular seats we tried!

In spite of not being irrefutably the lightest seat we tried, with all around ventilated work backing, great back help, and a medium seat stature, the Chair One completes an exceptional activity offsetting front nation comfort with boondocks conveyability. In addition, the Chair One held the largest amount of solace, steadiness, and toughness among all the convenient seats in this audit, acquiring our pick for the Best Portable Competitor in our armada.

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Top Pick for a Beach Day Accessory

Huge Agnes Helinox Beach Chair

Helinox Beach Top Pick Award


at REI

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See all costs (4 found)

Weight: 3.3 lbs | Features: Mesh sides, stockpiling sack changes over to a cushion

Head/neck bolster

Lightweight and stable

Won't soak in sand

Stuff sack changes over into a pad


Low to the ground

Huge Agnes has awed us again with this new expansion to their Helinox seat line. The Helinox Beach Chair is the seat we would have concocted to take to the shoreline in the event that we were that creative. It consolidates noteworthy solace and sturdiness with an amazing level of convenientce for a seat this size. We adored that the capacity sack can be effortlessly stuffed and joined as a pad for whatever stature you require, or essentially adhered on the back to not get lost. The level legs keep you well over the sand to make the most of your shoreline day and make affectionate, agreeable recollections.

This seat is very low to the ground, in any case, which may represent a test for a few people. It additionally is a very tight fit to assemble, which includes a tad of an expectation to absorb information. The sticker price is additionally very heavy, and on the off chance that you need the all work variant, you can hope to pay considerably more. In case you're on the chase for the ideal shoreline seat however, we feel sure that this one will make you cheerful for a considerable length of time to come.

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Best Buy on a Tight Budget

Moon Lence

Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Chair Best Buy Award


(14% off)

at Amazon

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Weight: 2 lbs | Features: Mesh back and situate sides

Packs down little

Great ventilation


Simple to Set Up


Not as steady

Material stretches with utilize


With such huge numbers of compact outdoors seats conveying a high sticker price, we needed to perceive what more moderate choices were out there. Enter the Moon Lence. At first look, it looks shockingly like the Helinox Chair One, making us ask why anybody would pay additional for the Chair One by any stretch of the imagination. We discovered this seat to give a sensible measure of solace and transportability for about a large portion of the expense of the Chair One!

While our analyzers extremely enjoyed the Moon Lence, their greatest grievances about it were the absence of security and decreased sturdiness, eventually bringing down the solace of this seat. Made with marginally less tough materials, the seat extended unevenly with each progressive utilize, and the weight rating simply isn't as high as that of the Chair One. Be that as it may, generally speaking this is a really decent seat, and with a cost under $40, we feel it's hard not to keep a couple in the back of the Subaru.
Eminent Mention for Absurd Portability

Enormous Agnes Helinox Chair Zero

Enormous Agnes Helinox Chair Zero


(6% off)

at Amazon

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See all costs (4 found)

Weight: 1 lb | Features: Glow oblivious draw tab on the gather pack

Packs down little

Strong development


Simple to Set Up



Less steady

A standout amongst the most compact seats we tried, the Helinox Chair Zero likewise shows a decent level of solace and an amazing measure of sturdiness! Despite the fact that it couldn't exactly outcompete the Chair One, as we observed it to be significantly less steady, the low weight of only one pound makes this seat hard to overlook! Lighter than numerous seats charged as "exploring seats", the Chair Zero is by a long shot the most compact seat we tried.

In spite of the fact that its littler size added to its movability, this element was a hit-and-miss thing for our analyzers. The Chair Zero is by all accounts appropriate for littler people and the individuals who want versatility and solace regardless of anything else. In the event that that sounds like you, at that point it may very well be worth spending a couple of additional bucks to have one of these staying nearby!

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Eminent Mention for Hammock-Like Comfort

ENO Lounger DL


at REI

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Weight: 4.6 lbs | Features: Two extensive, stretchy side takes, short wide glass holder, stable headrest/cushion, cushioned armrests, two choices for leg stature

Loft like solace and outline

Numerous pockets and highlights

Cushioned armrests

Customizable seat tallness

Convoluted shaft set-up

Less strong

Glass holder tippy and shallow

As much as we adore chillaxing in a loft, there are only a few places a loft isn't practical. Like a treeless knoll or desert. Or on the other hand your parlor. ENO has the arrangement with their new ENO Lounger DL! This one of a kind plan conveys the solace of loft relaxing to the universe of seats. Our loft devotees adored the vibe of this seat and had no issue loosening up away the evening in its supporting solace. Two diverse leg statures enable you to sit nearer to the ground for a definitive chill or at a more sensible tallness to be a more useful individual from the outdoors group.

Nonetheless, we felt that this outline wasn't so steady the same number of alternate seats in this audit, and probably won't withstand the trial of time. We likewise were not awed with the excessively confounded leg set-up and bring down, and were befuddled by the peculiarly wide and shallow container holder that always debilitated to dump our drinks on the ground. Be that as it may, in case you're on the chase for a loft feel without the requirement for trees, the ENO Lounger DL may very well be your fantasy seat.

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Top Pick for Two-Person Seating

Kelty Low-Love Seat

Top Pick Award


at REI

See It

See all costs (3 found)

Weight: 15.5 lbs | Features: Seats two, 2 protected customizable beverage holders, movable arm rests

Seats two individuals

Agreeable cushioned plan

Steady and tough

Simple to set up and bring down

Convenient glass holder in addition to

Poor ventilation



The Kelty Low-Love Seat astonished us with its extraordinary two-man configuration as well as with its solace amid dwelling together. As a lower seat than most conventional outdoors seats, the solidness of the Kelty was high. Made of sturdy materials, we discovered this seat could face the preliminaries of seating various individuals for long measures of time.

Beside the general size and weight, our greatest objection was the manner by which prevalent it was with our companions, abandoning us less time to make the most of its remarkable properties. Both for its capacity to situate not one but rather two of us and in addition its unbelievable solace and solidness, the Kelty well-merits this honor.

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Examination and Test Results

Outdoors seats are a helpful extravagance thing that can be utilized while outdoors, as well as extra seating for a grill, for hanging out at the sidelines of a soccer match or on the shoreline, or for closely following and appreciating open air shows. They ought to be agreeable, sensibly versatile, and easy to use. Furthermore, require we specify, adaptable? The most serious issue with your normal lightweight outdoors stools and seats is that they regularly swear off solace as though the states of the outdoors condition don't require relaxing and chilling out. Luckily, we could test a few models that offer a wide assortment of highlights while as yet keeping up that brilliant foundation: comfort.

Solace matters! We cherished the movable and discretionary stockpiling sack-turned-cushion of the Helinox Beach Chair.

Solace matters! We adored the customizable and discretionary stockpiling sack-turned-pad of the Helinox Beach Chair.

While picking the best contender, we had a LOT of requests. It ought to be compact and tough simply like all our other outdoors outfit, yet it additionally should keep up the solace of a standard seat without being excessively confounded, making it impossible to utilize. These are bits of gear that frequently get tossed all through vehicles, hauled crosswise over campgrounds and parking garages, and may live in your patio for quite a long time. Regardless of this maltreatment, despite everything we anticipate that them will give us a chance to kick back and unwind.

So why even have an outdoors particular seat? All things considered, concerning auto outdoors, the legit answer is that you needn't bother with one. Actually, there are most likely a great many individuals in campgrounds all around the US relaxing on the unforgiving ground or sitting on the cool hard seat of a park table at this very moment. These options, be that as it may, are essentially less agreeable. When you spend a night outside relaxing in an outdoors seat, you won't have any desire to be without one once more. They make eating fundamentally simpler, relaxing more agreeable, and huge numbers of them even keep your grown-up refreshments chilled and close-by for you. Ok, present day developments! For different utilizations where sitting is the dominating action, for example, spectating at donning occasions or closely following, we feel that a decent seat is even more a need. They make giving a shout out to your most loved group considerably more charming and can give important capacity to a significant number of your day by day utilize things.


It is safe to say that you are on the chase for an open to outdoors seat for forthcoming BBQs or one that can straddle the line of outdoors and hiking seat? We've included another blend of seats to our line-up, and they extend in cost from $35 to $150. We've granted an assortment of honors, for example, our Best Overall or Top Pick for Portability. We've likewise included different Best Bang for the Buck victors, which fall appropriately on our cost to esteem examination outline. You'll discover the diagram underneath, which features every one of the 13 models in light of their general execution score, contrasted with their rundown cost. Contenders floating toward the base right of the diagram represent the most noteworthy incentive for the buck, for example, the Kijaro Dual Lock and on account of a tight spending plan, the Moon Lence.


Solace was our most exceptionally weighted metric, representing almost 50% of the general score. All things considered, choosing to purchase a seat rather than sit on the ground implies you likely esteem comfort. So don't squander your cash on a seat that isn't happy. Components we considered while assessing solace were armrests, lumbar help, a headrest, back ventilation, and generally speaking outline of the seat.

Generally, we felt that the majority of the seats were sensibly agreeable, with the versatile contenders being the slightest so of the majority of the models we tried. Truth be told, even our most minimal positioning seat in the solace criteria is fundamentally more agreeable than sitting on the ground for a broadened period.

There were a few seats that we thought were especially agreeable, specifically the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong, and Eureka Curvy High-Back. The King Kong was ample, somewhat cushioned, and had huge armrests. It was steady yet at the same time comfortable. The Eureka has a high back, which was exceptional among the models that we tried. The littler, more versatile models we tried had a tendency to accomplish bring down test scores for solace. In any case, the littler the individual was, the less they appeared to mind these little seats. In any case, on the off chance that you need something that is minimized, we would prescribe our Top Pick for Portability, the Big Agnes Helinox Chair One, which is more agreeable.

One analyzer examining what precisely makes an awesome camp seat.

One analyzer considering what precisely makes an extraordinary camp seat.


This metric was the second most essential rating criteria that we assessed. It represented a fourth of the general score of the item. Given the assortment of ways you can utilize your seat, it is compulsory to pick an item you wouldn't fret moving and transporting. Variables that influenced a seat's compactness were its stuffed size, weight, and its voyaging case (on the off chance that it had one). Due to their outline, the compact models normally scored higher than the conventional models in this metric.

Weighing only a pound, the Big Agnes Helinox Chair Zero and the 1.94 pound Helinox Chair One were the main rivals to procure an ideal 10 out of 10 in this metric. They additionally stuffed down into a portion of the littlest pockets of any of the seats we tried. Amazingly, the Kelty Low-Love Seat was the slightest compact seat. As this beast lounger seats two, we weren't excessively vexed about it. The Editor's Choice victor, the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong was the following heaviest seat we looked into. Be that as it may, what this seat needed in versatility, it compensated for in extravagant solace and staggering strength. Contingent upon how versatile you need your life to be, this classification may mean pretty much to you.

What the Chair Zero needed in steadiness it compensated for in versatility and minimization. Our littler analyzers adored this seat - and it multiplied well as an open air work station! The pooch additionally cherished how much nearer all the convenient outdoors seats enabled her to be to the analyzers. Less demanding to thud the ball right in our laps!


Like anything you burn through cash on, you need it to be sturdy. The vast majority of the seats we tried appeared to be very strong, implying that analyzers felt they would have the capacity to get numerous periods of normal use out of an item. Wear and tear on the texture and highlights and shakiness of the edge were the most essential specs that we observed.

It ought to be nothing unexpected that the main seats that can hold more than 500 lbs got our best scores on strength (9/10). Both the Alps Mountaineering King Kong's and the Kelty Low-Love Seat's steel outlines and 600D nylon texture development didn't demonstrate any wear or tear following a while of testing. Their casings don't move or squeak under load. Despite the fact that their high denier texture isn't as breathable as the work that a portion of alternate seats have, it is made to keep going quite a while. Because of the expanded interest for both these seat (from analyzers), they supported numerous coal consumes from being around such a large number of pit fires. In spite of these little dissolved gaps, the texture hinted at no other strain or wear.

The King Kong has a 800-pound our analyzers heap on to perceive what it can truly hold!

The King Kong has a 800-pound, our analyzers heap on to perceive what it can truly hold!

Be that as it may, not every person treats their camp furniture with a similar measure of consideration and regard as one may trust. Children and pets are famous for not pondering the welfare of lifeless things previously whatever else. To appropriately test the capacity of these seats to face genuine maltreatment, we remained on them and thudded intensely into them. A few seats scarcely moved. A few seats almost fell over! Furthermore, a few seats had some exceptionally creaky outcomes that made us question to what extent they would last if reliably treated along these lines. Each seat's discoveries are reported in their individual survey.

Simplicity of Set-Up

Simplicity of gathering alluded particularly to the fact that it is so difficult to set up and bring down each seat. All things considered, if the seat is an agony in the butt to set up or bring down, the chances of you needing to take it anyplace are likely not as high. Luckily, a large portion of the seats we tried were genuinely clear to set up and bring down. Indeed, even the more mind boggling versatile seats were a secure once you endured the little expectation to absorb information.

A large portion of the conventional models just required pulling separated two restricting vertical edge pieces to be set up. The most complex of the ordinary models, the Kijaro Dual Lock Chair, has a solitary catch that must be squeezed to collect and dismantle the seat. The convenient models had a more included setup. The Helinoxes, Onepack, Moon Lence, Flex Lite and ENO all had a different casing and texture situate that must be amassed. It wasn't troublesome, yet it was unquestionably more required than the get together of any of the conventional seats.

Despite the fact that we were aficionados of this seat once it was set up we disdained the procedure and rather would abandon it set up for quite a long time to stay away from the problem.

Despite the fact that we were enthusiasts of this seat once it was set up, we detested the procedure and rather would abandon it set up for a considerable length of time to maintain a strategic distance from the issue.

One seat that we particularly needed to call out in this class is the ENO Lounger DL. This seat had such huge numbers of posts that were so vast and thick and in such an odd design, that we feared setting up and bringing this seat down. It was dependably a procedure to get everything to fit once more into the capacity sack and never appeared to go how we would have preferred it to. It was the seat we would surrender set over to haul around, just to abstain from managing.


Despite the fact that we didn't rate the seats as indicated by their highlights, we have incorporated this segment to depict the fancy odds and ends a portion of these seats have. Need a seat with a movable cushion? At that point skim through our surveys to limit which models have this component. Need a seat that has a container holder sufficiently enormous for your most loved mug? At that point add that to the rundown of specs to look at as well. You can even buy a seat for you and your closest companion, playmate, or pooch.

Highlights or no highlights? We loose while we considered this inquiry.

Highlights or no highlights? We loose while we contemplated this inquiry.


The advantage of having an agreeable seat while outdoors or relaxing in your lawn can add to your open air involvement. Notwithstanding making unwinding, eating, and drinking less demanding, you can amplify your relaxing delight - like holding your beverage and keeping it cool in the meantime! To locate the best generally speaking rival in our armada, we quantified every one's solace level (which we consider to be vital), alongside size, versatility, toughness, and usability. Regardless of whether you're auto outdoors, relaxing around the open air fire, or sunbathing after a dunk in the dark blue, the best model for you will at last rely upon your way of life. We trust that we've possessed the capacity to offer enough data in looking for another seat that will oblige the undertakings you go on. In case despite everything you're left oblivious, look at our Buying Advice article to locate the model that best meets your requirements.

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