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What is the 5 Star Easy Office Supplies Whiteboard

Regardless of whether you're needing to make a plan for the day, finish an expansive scientific condition or even make a perfect work of art the 5 Star Easy Office Supplies Whiteboard could be the best alternative for you. Appropriate for an assortment of uses the whiteboard can be utilized at schools, in workplaces or even just at home.

Interesting points previously purchasing a whiteboard

Diverse sorts of whiteboard

Divider Mounted

Having a whiteboard mounted on the divider is an exceptionally prevalent type of being beneficial. They are frequently in classrooms at schools and workplaces. They can even be utilized at home when needing to be sorted out. For example, if it's influencing an amendment to plan for exams, or even only a place to note down what employments you have to finish.

Spinning Whiteboard

The spinning whiteboard is the ideal answer for needing a whiteboard that can undoubtedly be moved from space to room without bargaining the data that is on it. You can begin conceptualizing thoughts or working out plans in a single room and effectively take it to another by just opening the haggles it to your coveted goal.


Whiteboard easels are likewise a profoundly compact whiteboard to claim. They can be anything but difficult to store away as frequently, the legs can withdraw meaning the span of the protest is diminished. The easel whiteboard could be an extraordinary alternative in the event that you require it once in a while as opposed to frequently. With many accompanying the alternative of clasp on paper they can be an awesome method to work on drawing or notwithstanding when kids are needing to envision being at school.

Small scale Whiteboards

Small scale whiteboards could be flawless on the off chance that you are needing a whiteboard to prop up around your work area, or stick to spaces on your divider. Regularly they come outfitted with glue stickers which can stick to generally things. This is as they are so light they don't require a more grounded strategy for connection.

Attractive Whiteboards

The greater part of the above kinds of whiteboards can be attractive. Attractive whiteboards can be utilized to connect any vital notes or records to your whiteboard or even only your most loved magnet.

Enchantment Whiteboards

Enchantment whiteboards are, basically, a plastic sheet which can adhere to your divider by means of static. They are reusable, utilize ordinary dry whiteboard markers and can adhere to any hard surface effortlessly. This could be ideal for update paving the way to an exam where a genuine whiteboard isn't vital.

Which Whiteboard Pens are ideal?

Wet Erase Marker

Wet Erase markers use a glue bringing about the markers being semi-lasting. This implies when utilized on a whiteboard, an ordinary eraser won't have the capacity to evacuate the markings. In any case, this can be settled by utilizing a sodden fabric.

Utilizing wet delete markers implies your work won't blur or air pocket when presented to warm influencing them to impeccable to be utilized with projector lights or whiteboards that component enlightenment.

One thing to note, wet-delete ink is significantly less prone to cause an unfavorably susceptible response when contrasted with dry eradicate.

Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase markers are the most famous kind of marker. They can take a shot at a whiteboard or non-permeable surfaces, for example, projector movies and billboards. The markings left by them can be effectively wiped away with a whiteboard eraser or a bit of fabric.

One component of dry-delete markers that could conceivably put individuals off is the compound scent that they can deliver. They likewise can't be utilized on blackboards or dark marker sheets.

Neon pens and Liquid Chalk

A kind of wet eradicate markers, neon pens and fluid chalk give you the chalk look seen on blackboards, however without the billows of chalk that can be caused. These sort of pens are immaculate when utilized on dark marker sheets as the neon hues could make a significant eye-getting sign. Influencing it to ideal for eateries and bistros.



At a medium size of 900x600mm, the 5 Star Whiteboard can be mounted to the divider. The basic divider settling strategy spares you floor space or table space and also guaranteeing the whiteboard can be noticeable by everybody in the room. The fixings themselves are disguised by co-ordinated corner tops to make the whiteboard more appealing.

On the off chance that finding a place to store your whiteboard pens is a worry, the whiteboard accompanies a pen plate which you can append to the base of the board. This can without much of a stretch hold the two pens and rubbers.

Moreover, an incredible element of this whiteboard is the attractive capacity. This enables to make the whiteboard bend over as a noticeboard. By utilizing magnets you can without much of a stretch connect any imperative notes or graphs you may have.


The board measures 4.96kg and measures 105x62x2cm. The higher review surface of the whiteboard makes it perfect for those needing to receive overwhelming use in return. The board is lightweight with an attractive lacquered steel drywipe surface monitored by an aluminum trim.


✔ huge composition space

✔ Easily connects to a divider

✔ Pen/Rubber holder gave


VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard

Value REDUCTION VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Revolving Mobile...

31 Reviews

VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Revolving Mobile...

Board measure 110 x 75cm

The two sides attractive drywipe, 360¡ã rotatable and...

Silver completed aluminum edge and stand, incorporate...

£79.90 from £60.99

Purchase on Amazon Price incl. impose, excl. shipping

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The other sort of whiteboard accessible today is the twofold sided whiteboard. The VIZ-PRO Whiteboard is both twofold sided, attractive and rotates. At a size of 110x75cm (marginally more than the 5 Star) this whiteboard site on 4 castors. 2 of which are lockable. This implies the whiteboard can without much of a stretch be moved to wherever it is required and once bolted, you can be guaranteed it won't move away when attempting to compose on it.

Like the 5 Star, this whiteboard is done with an aluminum plate, incorporates a pen plate and is anything but difficult to collect. The two sides of the whiteboard are attractive giving you twofold the space to store your notes.

VIZ-PRO Whiteboard/Flipchart Easel

VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Wipe Whiteboard/Flipchart...

80 Reviews

VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Wipe Whiteboard/Flipchart...

Board Dimensions: H900xW600mm

Attractive surface

Incorporate pen-plate and snare, portable snare is utilized...


Purchase on Amazon Price incl. assess, excl. shipping

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The VIZ-PRO Whiteboard is more versatile and simple to store away than the 5 Star. This is as it is as an easel meaning the legs can without much of a stretch withdraw when required. There is likewise the alternative to cut on a flipchart cushion which is immaculate when needing to make your notes lasting.

The pen plate is incorporated and the paper snare which is moveable. The whiteboard itself is an indistinguishable size from the 5 Star estimating 900x600mm and furthermore has an attractive surface.

Enchantment Whiteboard

Value REDUCTION Magic Whiteboard - Reusable Sheets Sticks to Any...

387 Reviews

Enchantment Whiteboard - Reusable Sheets Sticks to Any...

Make a versatile whiteboard from a roll. Consummate...

25 punctured A1 Sheets. Simple to utilize and can be...

Adheres to any hard, level surface without drawing...

£29.99 £23.89

Purchase on Amazon Price incl. impose, excl. shipping

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The Magic Whiteboard incorporates 25 A1 reusable sheets of plastic. They don't require drawing pins, tape or bluetac to join to the divider, they just need static. This makes applying and evacuating the enchantment whiteboard a simple errand.

You can utilize typical dry whiteboard markers with the enchantment whiteboard and they can undoubtedly be wiped clean.


Generally speaking, the 5 Star Easy Office Supplies Whiteboard is an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you are taking a gander at putting resources into a whiteboard. Not just at an exceptionally sensible value, the size, the attractive usefulness and after that simple upkeep of the board will make guarantee you can stay being gainful for whatever length of time that you like.

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