The 1959 Cadillac Series 62 - Car History

The 59 Cadillac was the zenith of the American auto outline overabundance. With tail blades that rose an entire 42 crawls off the ground, rocket flare tail lights, quad headlights and huge chrome guards, a body length of more than 20 ft, this was a definitive Cadillac for getting consideration. The '59's ludicrous balances are emphasizd by its position of safety, which is 3 inches bring down that the '58 model's now low profile.

Harley Earl was specifically in charge of the plan of 50 million vehicles and totally changed the substance of the American car in the 1950's. No single man has had such an effect on the state of American auto plan and nobody man has been blameworthy of such huge numbers of outline abundances. Incorporated into his space-themed configuration were different pictures, for example, chrome denture like grilles, dashboards that seemed as though they had a place with stream contenders with many switches and controls, guards bulges known as "Dagmars", hood trimmings which resembled rocket launchers.

The 1959 Cadillac is an American symbol. You will see this year demonstrate showed in numerous 50's styled burger joints and eateries. Hard Rock bistro dependably has either a 1959 or 1960 Cadillac showed in their eateries. The 59 additionally featured in numerous movies, as in the Clint Eastwood motion picture "Pink Cadillac". The 59 Cadillac was a landmark to American good faith in the 1950's; it was in reality the "American Dream". Who wouldn't love to drive one of these today? Today you will be unable to discover a reestablished 59 convertible for less that $70,000 with huge numbers of them offering for well more than 100K.

A portion of the highlights of the 59 Series 62 Cadillac included power brakes, control guiding, programmed transmission, focal locking, tinted glass, and a few alternatives incorporate front lamp dimmers (autronic eye), electrically worked windows, situate modify, and trunk. A portion of alternate models accessible incorporated the 8 seater Fleetwood Limo, and the Eldorado Biarritz which is the most important '59 Cadillac display.

Specs for 1959 Cadillac Series 62

Motor: 390 c.i. V8, cast press head and piece

Pressure proportion: 10.5:1

Acceptance: Carter 4-barrel carburetor

Most extreme Power: 325 bhp at 4800 rpm

Most extreme torque: 435 lb-ft at 3400 rpm

Top Speed: 121 mph

0-60 mph: 11 sec

Transmission: GM TurboHydramatic Automatic

Body/Chassis: Steel body on steel X-outline skeleton

Directing: Recirculating ball

Haggles: Steel circles, 15 inch width

Brakes: Drums, 12 inch dia. (front and back)

Front Suspension: Wishbones with curl springs and adjustable safeguards

Raise Suspension: Live pivot with curl springs and adjustable safeguards

Wheelbase: 130 inches

Stature: 55.9 inches

Weight: 4885 lbs

Quarter Mile Performance: what difference does it make?

Creation: 11,130

Cost: $5000 for Series 62, $7400 for Eldorado

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